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Esthetic taste — the individual dignity of the personality. It belongs to number of the phenomena in which activity modern and the previous generations is imprinted. An esthetic ideal — property of modern society, one of the parties of its spiritual shape, his soul.

From my point of view, it is difficult to agree both about one and with another judgments, as, first, if beauty — this most natural phenomenon in the world, in what then a merit of the artist who wants to introduce something special to the world represented by it? And the second how it is possible to find the general for all beautiful subjects where criterion of this ideal? It is possible to draw only the imaginable, conditional line between extreme parameters of esthetic consciousness. Its most essential feature, in our opinion, is emotionality. Out of it there cannot be a valuable relation of the person to the world. So, on one side of the invisible line there is a certain reality which is given rise by perception, and on the second — the esthetic ideal which is result of subjective representations of the person about fine. Such links of structure of esthetic consciousness as contemplation, perception, experience, emotions, feelings, pleasure form the sensual relation of the person to the world. The interrelation of these links speaks about systemacity and degree of structure of esthetic consciousness.

It is necessary to allocate two most general levels of esthetic consciousness: ordinary and scientific. The first of them — reflection of reality at an emotional and sensual step. It is not issued in system of ideas whereas the second level is issued in clear esthetic provisions, is characterized by generality and a teoretichnost therefore possesses the big informative force capable actively to influence minds and feelings of people.

For esthetic consciousness the "live thought" operating extremely freely, with certain valuable installations, that is finding deep personal meaning for each person separately is characteristic.

For comparison it is possible to address to such form of public consciousness as science. It is undoubted that such links of consciousness as feeling, perception, figurative representation take in it rather limited place, though are shown at the level of searches, experiences.

In summary it would be desirable to tell that it is necessary to differentiate categories of esthetic objects which exist in consciousness of the person. The exact knowledge of categories of an esthetics is useful for each person because helps us to be guided better in the boundless world of esthetic values.

So, the esthetic consciousness of scientific level is shown in practice (the esthetic relation to the nature; production esthetics; professional art; esthetics of life and behavior; a sport esthetics, etc.) and in the theory which is realized through special researches; judgment of esthetic activity (culture).