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Apportionment to the participant of the general property on the privatized premises representing the certain apartment, the share belonging to it we will allow if there is a technical capability of transfer to the claimant of the isolated part not only inhabited, but also utility rooms (kitchen, a corridor, a bathroom, etc.), the equipment of a separate entrance. In the absence of such opportunity the court has the right to define an order of use of the apartment at the request of the claimant.

o) disputes between gardening association and its members, disputes of copartners among themselves, and also disputes between spouses, including former, concerning the section of the land plot or definition of an order of use of this site;

At infliction of harm by the organization with which the victim does not consist in the labor relations, and also joint actions of the organizations, from one of which the victim is in the labor relations, the arisen dispute is subject to consideration directly in court.

Refusal of local administration in granting to the citizen in property or rent of the land plot for maintaining country (farmer) economy, individual housing construction and personal subsidiary farm, gardening, truck farming, animal husbandry, other purposes connected with maintaining agricultural production is appealed by the citizen.

Meaning that indications of witnesses, and also written and material evidences produced by the parties have to matter for business, to the judge to the parties it is necessary to offer to specify in all cases, which circumstances can be confirmed with these proofs and testimony.

Considering that one of the basic principles of judicial proceedings is its spontaneity, the decision can be based only on those proofs which were investigated by court of the first instance. If collecting of proofs was made not by that court which considers, the court has the right to prove the decision these proofs only under that condition if they were announced in court session and are shown to the persons participating in business, to representatives, and in necessary cases to experts and witnesses and are investigated in total with other proofs. The reference in the decision to those data which were not investigated by court according to standards of the Code of civil procedure is inadmissible.

The circle of necessary evidentiary facts is defined with character of the declared requirements and objections. Thus it must be kept in mind that on each category of civil cases there are various evidentiary facts.