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Practicing how to write summary

1 A public (public relation) – the system of interrelation of firm with the public directed on formation and maintenance of favorable image of firm, on belief of the public in a of activity of firm and its beneficial influence on life of society

The advertizing means are an information channel on which the advertizing message reaches consumers. In advertizing process the advertizing means are usually provided by the organization owner.

promises the consumer essential benefits at acquisition of goods for what its advantages are shown, the positive image is created, other prerequisites of preference and in heading of an advertizing appeal, and in its illustration, and in stylistics of supply of text and graphic materials are formed;

department of special projects (sponsor's department) — development of non-standard communication decisions, for example an advertisement in the form of sponsorship in known transfers or in the form of unostentatious demonstration of production in the movie (product placement);

1 Advance – any form of activity, communications, messages (including reklamna, used by firm for an, belief or reminders to people about the goods, images, ideas, public work and their influence on an.

A certain impact on perception of information is made by forms of lines. It is considered that vertical or horizontal straight lines are associated with tranquillity, clarity and even solidarity, and bent – with grace and ease. However it is fair in certain conditions, for example, than more often horizontal or vertical lines and than are more contrast the colors chosen for their image, especially unpleasant up to dizziness, they make feelings. These features are shown if the viewer is in a stressful state

It is usually recommended to apply no more than two various flowers which, however, can be diversified at the expense of related with it shades as such relationship creates feeling of color sequence in the advertizing purposes and does not irritate sight.

The square, rectangular, round, oval, triangular planes differently distribute attention of the viewer. Simple geometrical forms are quicker perceived by the viewer and better remembered in comparison with difficult wrong forms.

In transfer of possible options of consumer behavior the large print of red or blue color on a white background will describe desirable behavior, and a small black print in the same row — undesirable.

the yellow: stimulates a brain, draws attention and remains in memory more long, than other colors. Yellow, orange colors are chosen by cheerful, impulsive people. Brightness of this color causes violation of mental balance therefore it is not recommended to be used on big surfaces and it is better to apply in combination with the green;

Lack of TV commercial that during its broadcasting the attention of the potential consumer has to be concentrated on the screen, otherwise the advertizing appeal will not be apprehended. The television gives the chance of large-scale advertizing of the consumer goods, but it is inefficient for industrial goods.

it is necessary to use a font, not smaller that this newspaper for the not advertizing materials uses. Actually even the font identical with newspaper, is too small. It is necessary to facilitate to the reader reading advertizing;

Anyway it is necessary to be guided by the principle which is that the point of view of the buyer, but not the seller is taken into consideration. Lighting has to be such that from the first look usefulness of goods was visible to the buyer, and there were obvious their advantages in comparison with competitive goods.

In different cultures even primary colors are often allocated with different meanings that considerably complicates a problem of so desired unification of color registration of concrete advertizing production. At advance of goods to various regions, especially when developing packings, labels, it is necessary to find the compromise solutions which are adequately perceived by consumers and accepted in the widest geographical space.

the blue: creates the internal force and harmony. Blue people melancholic and disappointed choose. The freshness of this color in combination with its soothing influence places it in a row desirable flowers as it discharges a stress;