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In general, it is possible to tell about this system that that fact that it was met with peasants with even bigger interest, it is possible to explain with even more accurate responsibility, even more obvious benefit, and also considerable prospects in the light of the increasing liberalization of the Chinese socialist commodity production.

The problem of polarization of the income, inevitable at variety of forms of ownership, assumes demonopolization in this sphere of "the principle of distribution on work". To it such forms of distribution of the income, as on the enclosed share, on performance level, on nauko-and labor inputs of production, etc. have to increase.

the commerce and industry commercial structure offering the services by the person interested, as a rule, on more preferable conditions for the contractors. But many families are preferred or having cooperated with other yards to realize in the markets or to perabatyvat the production surplus remaining with them. For this purpose in the cities all conditions are created. Constantly bilateral communication between the city and the village is improved and develops.

I will not list everything in what China is really unique from the economic point of view. However, consequences of reforms are not clear yet. Perhaps even at in advance known ideal way of carrying out an economic reform in the People's Republic of China with a condition of neoformation of present growth rates of the population, it simply will not make sense.