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Very important, what eyes visitors of the Hermitage look at its riches. It have to be the eyes which are not curious, and the eyes knowing. Probably, proceeding from it, it is possible to formulate a main objective of existence of the museum, - to help people to enter the world of art not as his passive observer, and as its full participant.

Probably it is possible to call this exhibition one of the biggest and interesting in department of the East. Here it is possible to get acquainted with samples of a wall-painting and friezes, the front door and household ceramics and adaptations used at its production, a tile from a mosque by Bibi-Hany, the Turkmen carpets, models of jeweler works of the XIX century. A curious exhibit is the memorial stone with Timur's inscription.

The variety of collections demonstrates as are difficult, ways of development of human culture can be not similar at each other. Huge chronological range of Hermitage collections, possibilities of comparison of the creations created in the different countries help the person to feel the movement of history and to realize themselves in its stream, bring to understanding of culture and art of today.

During many field seasons on the hill Karmir-Blur, near Yerevan, excavation of fortress of Teyshebaini was carried out. The found monuments came to the Historical museum of Armenia and to the Hermitage. Finds created a separate exposition in the museum.

That the museum does not stand still is very important – it constantly improves, expands the expositions. In the past it was school of the West European taste. Now it became the museum of the Euroasian world. Not far off time when it is required to include in its program and the huge world of Africa to acquaint the audience with art of Blacks and people of Africa. After all absence of knowledge of culture does not mean absence of the culture.

The cheerfulness inherent in Titian's talent was brightly shown in his pictures on mythological subjects. Several times the artist addressed to the Greek myth about Danaye, having created the pictures close according to the contents and composition.

During the Netherlands bourgeois revolution seven northern provinces of the Netherlands in persistent fight managed to win a victory and to create the state advanced the then — bourgeois Republic of the United Provinces (Holland).