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In the territory of park it is possible to meet various species of rare and disappearing plants: peony root, small, buttercup Sayansk, sea-buckthorn krushinovsky, rhodiola pink, Hummel, etc.

Reserves - samples of the untouched, wild nature - by right call natural laboratories. They are especially necessary to us now when we have to understand the directions of changes of environment under the influence of activity of the person and find ways of the most careful and reasonable use of its riches.

Exclusive role of reserves in preservation and recovery of the most rare animals, plants, unique landscapes, etc. reserves of the nature. Thanks to activity of reserves some rare animals became trade, they give us now furs, medicinal raw materials, etc. valuable production.

The main territory of the reserve is limited to coordinates of 61 °57 -63 °16' northern latitude and 57 °47 -59 °39' east longitude. The flat site adjoins the Pechora River and is limited 61 °53 -61 °43' northern latitude and 56 °52 -57 °07' east longitude. The area of the main territory makes - 705522 hectares; a flat site - 15800 hectares.