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Respected a pair bath and the sovereign. In the novel A. N. Tolstoy Peter I Menshikov :... in Paris, for example, to take a steam bath moreover kvass - anything it is not understood, and the people therefore the small. And :... Alekseevich, having lowered long legs, sat down on the shelf, bent the head, from curly dark hair he was poured by sweat.

Consider also another. Ultraviolet rays are very sensitive to different obstacles. So, one layer of a gauze detains to 50% of all ultraviolet rays. The gauze put four times as well as a windowpane 2 mm thick, completely excludes their penetration.

All and to everyone, even to the one who ranks himself as absolutely healthy people, we recommend strongly to visit at the doctor and to consult rather permissible bathing load. Especially it concerns to elderly people.

It is necessary to emphasize one more important advantage of a bath, at last. She perfectly trains the thermoregulatory mechanism - therefore, increases resistance of an organism to adverse factors of environment.

In the conditions of a pair bath processes of an exchange and restoration after physical activities are accelerated. Through 2 million sweat glands from our body slags - disintegration products, and from a body surface - the become lifeless top layer of skin (epidermis) are removed. The bath has salutary effect on kidneys and endocrine glands.

The most common cause of abuse of the sun - aspiration as soon as possible to sunbathe, gain beautiful skin color more strongly. Many consider that the suntan is more dark, the biological effect of a hardening the sun is higher. However it not so. Suntan - only one of responses to influence of sunshine, it would also be wrong to judge on it the general improving influence of radiant energy on the person.

At very intensive and long operation of radiant energy can come thermal or the sunstroke leading to various violations from many bodies and systems. The sunstroke arises, as a rule, owing to overheating of badly protected head direct sunshine.

The authority of a pair bath is rather high and presently. It did not fall even at all after many moved to modern well-planned apartments, where to their services both a bathtub, and a shower. Salutary properties of generous steam still attract to themselves huge number of adherents.

Still the hardening the sun gained bigger distribution in Ancient Rome. As showed excavation of the Roman cities, literally everywhere: on roofs of houses, in baths, sunbeds - places for reception of solar bathtubs got a job in gladiatorial schools-. In the Roman Empire the special climatic stations intending for a solntselecheniye were created. Here patients for reception of necessary curative procedures went.

In those far times people could not explain the wonderful force of sunshine. Now we know well, why and how solar energy well influences a human body. It appeared that the sunlight consists of visible and invisible beams. The visible part of a range is non-uniform, consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and violet color bunches which are well noticeable after a thunder-storm when in the sky a rainbow. Invisible beams settle down on both parties of a solar range. One of them adjoin its red part and are called infrared, others are behind the violet end and therefore are called as the ultra-violet.

Improving properties of bathing steam were known also to many other people. Greeks, under Aristotle's certificate, adopted this custom at the people of the Ancient East. The historian Herodotus mentions that during his campaigns east baths pleased the well-known commander Alexander of Macedon.

One of the main advantages of generous heat consists that it improves, stimulates and tones up activity of all organism, well influences cardiovascular and bone and muscular system, improves the general health.