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Distribution of free samples costs much as their prime cost includes costs of production, overhead costs connected with distribution, and also publicity expenses, accompanying stimulation.

The range, the stationery offered ­, is wide. And its most part is made by import. In the last in addition to the Czech goods, well-known to a to the consumer, there were many goods of new trademarks from the different countries of Europe and Asia. They ­ were fixed on our and attract the increasing of consumers.

Producers of goods and a distribution network use these receptions at different stages of life cycle of goods, pursuing the purpose - to create predisposition of the consumer to a trademark for increase in volume of sale.

The amount of reduction of prices has to be rather notable that on them it was possible to build the address; rather stimulating demand to compensate falling of profit, with reduction of prices; and rather to force to come the consumer behind purchase.

For definition of the last use segmentation of consumers, or market segmentation that same. The firm divides consumers into separate groups () possessing identical reaction to actions of character, t.e. equally treats a product, its, color, packing, the price, delivery, service.