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In the 90th in a skateboarding almost all styles mixed up; there were first boards with "sliky" (slick) - a layer of slippery plastic on the lower surface of a board. Despite that they slid on objects better, presently these boards meet seldom.

Surprisingly, but by the end of the twentieth century, simply to the full stuffed with various technical frills, vanguard sport just stretched to simplicity. Usual if not to tell primitive, the board began to define form and content of all modern entertainments. To a board attached a sail and began to glide on waves – there was a windsurfing. Having a parachute dome behind shoulders, on a board thought up to jump out of the helicopter and in a free fall to imitate sliding and dizzy tricks – Skye surfing was born. To a board attached castors, and the street sports culture – a skateboarding was created. But the board idea did not stand still, and quite recently there was a wakeboarding – driving on a board behind the towing boat. And, naturally, the doskomaniya could not disregard winter sports, snow and hillsides. The snow board – a snowboard – can be considered as a great sports and entertaining invention of the present which on "hurrah" was supported by the younger generation with enthusiasm, commensurable unless with a former choice of "Pepsi". In the report I will stop on five most known board currents – Surfing, Windsurfing, Kayting, Veykbording, Snowboarding in more detail.