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At the beginning of the XX century the understanding of marketing as sale method which purpose consisted in finding the buyer for production which the producer is able to let out was traditional commercial.

Society bears responsibility according to the obligations all property belonging to it. Society does not answer for obligations the shareholders, and shareholders bear risk of losses according to obligations of Society within the cost of the actions belonging to them.

Sale has to be carried out by the experts owning equally two parties of business – technical and commercial, i.e. and to respond with the experts capable to present arguments of the technical plan to remarks of other technical specialists during the negotiating and the conclusion of the transaction.

Control of financial and economic activity of Society is exercised by audit commission as a part of three members of the commission. The order of its activity is defined by the Provision on audit commission approved by General shareholder meeting.

Marketing as the competition of management of production and marketing activity has a number of the general functions inherent in any type of management, namely: goal-setting (planning, organization, coordinating, account and control.

Territorial coverage. The analysis of the market in each concrete research is carried out within the domestic (cumulative) market, external (world), regional (a certain territorial division).

On the rubilny machine it is made it is sharp veins on slices of the certain are long in the form of granules (crumb). The crumb is exposed to processing by hot water for the purpose of removal of low-molecular connections. Then it is necessary to remove moisture from a crumb that is carried out in sushka at a temperature of 150 °C. The ready crumb of a polikaproamid from a by-product recovery department moves on formation in spinning shop in nitrogen current.

The commodity market represents system of economic relations, first, between producers and consumers of these goods and, secondly. In groups of producers and consumers. The main form of communications of the first type is purchase and sale, the second – the competition.

Production demand. Purchases of the enterprises are defined by demand on final production since before putting something on the market, they process the bought products. The producer of products of industrial function has to control the final market and the end user.