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Assessment of results. In a preparation cells of infiltrate — macrophages, endotelialny, plasmatic, lymphoid cages, fibroblasta and small impurity of cells of peripheral blood have to be well distinguishable. Existence in a preparation of epitelialny cages, unstructured, painted in evenly lilac color, means that was taken superficially and has to be repeated. In dab there should not be too much blood, and also pus and bacteria.

Usually vegetative forms with excrements are not allocated, however at ponosa they can be found in svezhevydelenny liquid excrements. Lyambly, getting to the lower departments of intestines where conditions for them adverse, turn in tsist who are allocated usually with excrements.

At the correct lighting even under small increase it is possible to see vegetative stages and tsist of lyambliya. After approximate viewing under small increase surely apply big increase (h10, x

For detection of trypanosomes investigate the fresh or painted preparations. In the first case the blood drop mixed with citrate a lymph node or cerebrospinal fluid is placed on subject glass, covered with integumentary glass and mikroskopirut. Mobile trypanosomes it is possible to notice even at small increase in a microscope though better them it is visible at big increase. Research of constants of the preparations painted across Romanovsky for what prepare dabs and thick drops in the usual way is more widespread. In the painted preparations of a trypanosome easily are distinguished among cellular elements. When coloring across Romanovsky the body of trypanosomes is painted in bluish color, a kernel and plaits — in red. On a preparation it is possible to see the membrane connecting wavy izvity to edge of a body.

The bile and contents of a duodenum received at duodenal sounding are examined and choose slime lumps on subject glass and mikroskopirut. Besides, material is centrifuged, a deposit under a microscope. By this method it is possible to find vegetative stages of lyambliya. In the svezhevydelenny material received at duodenal sounding it is possible to find mobile vegetative forms.

At supervision in a live state the movement very, the parasite all the time turns over sideways at the expense of a rotary motion round a longitudinal axis. In a preparation at the room temperature of a lyambliya quickly perish. The food is soaked up all surface. by longitudinal division.

Leyshmaniya at this stage are not mobile, have no zhgutik. Meet in a body of the vertebral owner (people, dogs, rodents), parasitize intracellularly in macrophages, cells of marrow, spleen, liver. Can contain in one struck cage to several tens leyshmaniye. Breed simple division.

Easily it are found Leyshmaniya at initial stages of an ulceration. In purulent separated ulcers only the deformed and collapsing leyshmaniya on which it is difficult to make the diagnosis can be found. At a stage of healing are found seldom.

Fixing of dab. Dab is dried on air, fixed 30 min. in absolute ethyl alcohol or 5 min. in methanol (methyl alcohol, again dry up on air. It is possible to store the fixed dabs before coloring some days.

The material brought to laboratory is subjected first of all to macroscopic survey. Thus the calla, availability of slime and blood note a consistence. If some tests of are brought to laboratory at the same time, first of all not properly executed excrements with pathological impurity / are subject to research

Vegetative form active, mobile, pear-shaped, the forward end of a body is rounded off, back is pointed. Length is 9 — 18 microns. In forward part of a body there is a prisasyvatelny disk in the form of deepening. Has 2 kernels, 4 couples zhgutik. Zhgutiki, taking place partially in cytoplasm, form two well visible when coloring longitudinal a bunch.

In some cases apply a method of crops of blood of the patient or material from skin defeats or marrow on Wednesday which prepares from an agar with addition of the defibrinated blood of a rabbit. In a positive case on 2 — the 10th day in culture there are zhgutikovy forms of leyshmaniye.